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Social Media Marketing 2024 “Predictions are in”: Be Authentic & Vulnerable

Picture of Anjali Singh, MS

Anjali Singh, MS

As a Content Manager and SEO & Copywriting expert, I leverage my experience in blogging, social media, and SEO to help you build a powerful digital presence. I bridge the gap between brands and audiences with engaging content that answers burning questions and delivers genuine value. In my free time, I love reading and exploring my creativity through painting.

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The results are in…

and THE words of the year for 2024 are….

Vulnerability” and “Authenticity

If you have not been living under a rock, ahem… you likely know that the words “authenticity” and “vulnerability” have been thrown around a lot in marketing lately.

The main reason?

We are overloaded with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and we just want to see real and be real.

Of course, high-quality valuable content is still at the forefront. But, this should also be ‘authentic’ and let’s be real–(literally) vulnerable.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, practice bringing your most human selves to your content. Focus on the authenticity and vulnerability aspects.

Why so much debate on authenticity in 2024?

With the rap of AI in the market in 2023, your true self, your authenticity, your honesty, and your transparency are required more than ever!

Give your audience the human touch they crave. Throw away the scripts and well-polished visuals as they fall flat next to raw, authentic content

People want to connect with real people, NOT robots. They want to feel the human behind the screen, someone who understands their struggles and shares their vulnerabilities.

You’ll be shocked to knowvulnerability isn’t weakness, it’s your greatest strength in the age of AI.

What are Authenticity and Vulnerability in Social Media Marketing?

How aggravated do you feel when you are bombarded with advertisements coming from all directions from all sorts of brands?

It’s overwhelming. 

On top of that, we’re seeing generic AI-generated content popping up everywhere, which, well, isn’t exactly helpful. 

We start looking for genuine, honest, and valuable content

Thus, being authentic goes deeper than just having fancy pictures and catchy slogans. It’s about being honest, transparent, and building a real connection with your audience. 

Imagine it like having a genuine conversation with a friend, not just trying to shower them with a sales pitch. 

Take these two emojis “🌟 & 🚀” plastered everywhere thanks to ChatGPT, for example. 

Truth be told, using these tools might not significantly help your SEO, or grow your social media presence. Or, most importantly, build trust and loyalty with your audience.

After all, your audience could have easily generated that information themselves.

Vulnerability is just another layer to authenticity.  It’s not just about sharing facts. It’s about sharing your true self, flaws, and experiences, both the joyful and the challenging, and just being raw with your audience. 

No, vulnerability doesn’t mean oversharing everything, like, airing your dirty laundry, cleaning your house, or grocery shopping–until that’s REALLY required to showcase your brand

Vulnerability is about finding the right balance between being transparent and maintaining appropriate boundaries.

The Power of Authenticity and Vulnerability In Your Content

With so many things online fighting for our attention, add to that everything going on in people’s lives and the world right now, people crave genuine connections on social media.

They want to follow and engage with accounts that are real, making them laugh, and giving them valuable information that they can use in their daily lives. They want to feel seen and relate to the content.

And this is not going to happen using content that is simply written by ChatGPT (or any AI Tool).

Of course, it is super important to stay on top of the latest trends and technology. And, by no means am I saying that you should not use ChatGPT. In fact, I use it all the time to help inspire ideas or put my thoughts together, even check for grammar or translate some documents. And, for that it’s wonderful!

But what I am saying is that using solely ChatGPT to write your captions, blogs, and responses is really not going to help you connect. After all, that is what social media is all about. A two-way street connection between you and the user on the other side of the screen seeing your posts, watching your videos, and reading what you write.

So be real. Be authentic. Be vulnerable.

Now here is the kicker 👇🏻

Why I say authenticity is not enough of a word to be encompassed for what is needed out there nowadays. Authenticity is subjective. What can be authentic for me may not be authentic for you. But, hey, it’s a great start to be on the right path!

At least now you have learned that you should stay away from AI for connection.

Now authenticity with vulnerability, is your best bet.

Have you noticed some viral videos lately of for instance a restaurant owner standing by the door of his business sad because he had no clients?

This vulnerability in return made the video go viral and the restaurant was overflown with clients.

Or the story about the 70-year-old gentleman retiring after decades with the same company. He got a BBQ as a “send-off”–no bonus, no real recognition, no nothing. His disappointed colleagues did something amazing: they filmed it, posted it online, and started a GoFundMe.

The result?

He’s now over $100,000 richer and can retire comfortably!

You must have also heard the heartbreaking story about the mom who wrote a song. She poured her heart out, creating a beautiful piece of music, but then came the devastating news: she was battling cancer.

Facing her own future, this incredible woman ensured a brighter one for her son. She changed the rights to the song, and guess what? It skyrocketed to the top 10 of the Billboard charts!

Just like these examples, there are many more out there that only demonstrate that being authentic and vulnerable in a time when we are surrounded by automation, we crave human connection.

So the next time you use ManyChat to automate your comment section, don’t forget to still make some time to write a comment yourself from the heart, and truly engage with your community.

Does It Mean AI Should Never Be a Part of Your Content Strategy?

Absolutely not!

While authenticity and human connection are paramount in today’s AI-driven world, these qualities need not exclude the use of AI in your content strategy. What you need is to strike the right balance and here’s how you can do it:

  • AI as a tool (which is what it is, right?): You can use AI to generate content ideas, do market research, create content outlines, analyze data, polish your content for grammar and spelling mistakes, enhance the quality of your writeups through AI improvement suggestions, content optimization, and what not! AI is here to allow you to focus on the creative and human aspects of content creation.
  • AI As Your Assitance: Use AI for image and video editing, music composition, or basic graphic design. This can help you create visually appealing content without compromising your artistic vision or brand aesthetics.
  • AI for Data Analysis: Use AI to analyze all the data about what people are clicking on and talking about online, so you can create content that hits the spot. This helps you stay ahead of the game and give your audience exactly what they’re craving—all while staying true to who you are and what your brand stands for.

By embracing AI tools in this way, you free up valuable time and mental space to focus on what you do best – writing!

Seven Actionable Tips To Be Authentic Online

You’re aware of the importance of authenticity, but how exactly can you achieve it?

So, if you’re out of ideas, here are some actionable “authentic” tips to spark your creativity and create content that resonates with your audience and feels uniquely you:

  1. Share Your Story: We all have unique stories shaped by our journeys. Weaving your own experiences, the triumphs, and stumbles alike, into your content is like sprinkling in magic dust. It adds a layer of authenticity that resonates with your audience on a deeper level. They connect with the “you” behind the words, fostering a sense of trust and real connection.
  2. Add Your Opinion: Infuse your content with your unique viewpoint and personality. This makes your content stand out from the crowd and showcases your authentic voice.
  3. Add multimedia, images, and examples: Ingrain your content with authenticity by going beyond text. Integrate engaging elements like relevant videos, self-made infographics, and real-life examples that resonate with your unique voice and personality.
  4. Collaborate with other creators: Elevate your content by integrating diverse perspectives. Connect with others in your field, gather their insights on the topic, and weave their statements into your narrative. This collaborative approach adds depth and credibility to your work while highlighting your ability to build connections within your community.
  5. Show behind the scenes: This type of content is getting more popular than ever. In the age of AI, showing behind the scenes instills your image in the audience’s eyes as a transparent and genuine brand. You can also share about your team members and glimpses into your daily operations that build an extra layer of trust and foster a sense of connection with your audience.
  6. Customer-First: Real authenticity comes from putting them at the heart of everything you do. Listen up when they talk, respond honestly, and bend over backward to give them what they need. This “customer-first” approach shows you truly care, and that’s what builds lasting connections.
  7. Stay consistent: Be the same you, everywhere you go! Consistency is crucial, but not at the expense of your personality. Adapt your voice and approach based on the platform and audience. Be playful on TikTok, informative on LinkedIn, and authentically you across them all. This flexibility lets your true colors shine through, making your brand memorable for all the right reasons.

Being authentic and vulnerable might not be the easiest thing, but it’s certainly not a trick.

Striking the balance between what to share and what might impact your brand image can be challenging, but it’s crucial in today’s market. However, if it seems complicated we are here to help!

At Psyched Branding, we create content that the audience wants and engages with; that gets traction and attention; and showcases you as an authentic brand in the market.

With our understanding of psychology and marketing and meticulous research on your target audience, we create a strategy that works for your audience and brings REAL (authentic) results.

So, if you want to be authentically trending, reach out to PsychedBranding.

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